Velvet magazine design competition

Calling all fashion design enthusiasts!!!!

Velvet Magazine is going to have a design competition on April 2011, the deadline for submission of entries is on February 2011.

Don’t get confused which VELVET magazine is this. As apparently, there are about three more magazines with the same name, one is a porn mag, and a spanish one and another italian mag. This is VELVET magazine by her highness Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi. A publication based in the ever-opulent United Arab Emirates.

I don’t know to you, but 100,000 AED sure is making me get my sketch pad and start concocting the dreamiest of frocks. So start sketching and stitching and see you all in the finals,haha!!!… (i need to bag that prize*-*)

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2 Responses to Velvet magazine design competition

  1. Hello Renan,

    Wow this competition seems super exciting. Too bad I don’t design and only sketch đŸ˜¦ Thanks so much for visiting Travel Write Draw!! I use every material imaginable but for those specifically I used tombow markers, brush, and ink. I really love working wet into wet because you never know what the results will be. I would love to see some of your sketches.

    Meag xx

  2. Renan Jay says:

    Dear Meagan,

    thanks for the response….
    your illustrations are just superb!!!..way too far from my kinder garten illustrations, ahaha….
    will try working with those materials as well…cheers!!!!


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