Muñiz shoes by Carmina Villarroel

A timeless beauty, I best remember her as Maruja…and I grew up watching her as she’s my sisters’ favorite star… so I got really interested upon learning she now designs her own shoe line…Muñiz shoes is the brainchild of Carmina Villarroel…lovely shoes, i must say!

Let me play fashion critic this time and choose my top three favorite among Muñiz shoe collection:


Loving the texture on this one…and the sheer mesh is just oh-so sexy…texture on texture is so 2011!!!!


With its luscious color and material, this is such a great accent to a monochrome outfit…just make sure you had your pedi, ugly, dirty toe-nails would definitely ruin your whole look….


Very avant-garde…. an instant lift with its hidden platform… i think i could actually get away with this if only they have my size….LOL…

Muñiz shoes got their own online shop in their website which makes shopping a breeze….

Muñiz shoes by Carmina Villarroel

go..go..go…check it out now and start shopping!!!!!

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4 Responses to Muñiz shoes by Carmina Villarroel

  1. jhocelle says:

    like it 🙂

  2. Maricel says:

    How much is bianca and am I going to pay and I am in abuse dhabi by the way

  3. Maylene Adanza Magtubo says:

    hi there! i just wanna know where can i deposit, for my payments?

  4. Pauline. Laz says:

    Hi…I ordered Audrey size 9 last Sundays my transaction is 3673920844f4ac7ee71b7a…im still waiting for the message where I can send my money, I’m here in Canada…thank you very much…let me know as soon as possible..

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