GIVENCHY haute couture s/s 2011..*i die…


Riccardo Tisci for the second season in a row decided to present Givenchy’s haute couture collection in a two-day exhibit instead of a runway type show, here, people could scrutinize the pieces closely, touch them, feel them…and be exhilarated with these magnificent pieces…

Inspired by the transexual dancer Kazuo Ohno, the clothes are meticulously appliqued with leather cut-outs, ethereal ostrich feathers, tulle and organza to create japanese motifs and patterns.

Tisci used all asian models in the exhibit, and last season, he featured a trans-gendered model in Givenchy’s haute couture exhibit, and this season, an inspiration from a tranny dancer, fashion knows no discrimination!!!

…i have no words how to express my admiration to Riccardo Tisci and his team who spent thousands of hours to create such feat; and with high-wearability factor, and red-carpet worthy silhouette, now the the nominees are out for the 83rd Academy awards, I’m excited to see who would have the courage and bravura to pull-off one of these fabulous works of art.

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