Scarlett Etienne… please *@!# me!!!!

No…that’s not what you’re thinking…it’s “Scarlett Etienne:: please wear me!!!”….

With a beautiful face and a stunning bone structure, you would be forgiven to think that she is a top model…but more than her fashion editorial worthy looks, Scarlett Etienne is an international dj, a talented producer and song writer…and now serves as my ultimate fashion inspiration…

…playing full-blast on itunes, my current designs are highly-influenced by the powerful imagery of Scarlett, her oozing womanly appeal, and her reign over male species…dominatrix, S & M, glamour, leather, crystals and sequins…HIGH-OCTANE fashion baby!!!!!

…and she just released a mind-blowing music video… “SEQUIN BURN”…Shot by London film-maker Peter T Breen, Sequin Burn encapsulates sexual exploration, experimentation, and ambiguity…pulsing from the underbelly of a Berlin sex club with fashion contributions from heavyweights such as Alexander McQueen and Matthew WIlliamson.Not for the faint hearted. And what’s not to love with this video?!?;… you got gorgeous men, the feistiest dance moves, and of course the adrenalin rushing effect of ecstatic styling , this is VOGUE worthy, baby!!!!…so ladies, gentlemen..and most definitely my fellow fab gay men and women…let us all unite and dance to SEQUIN BURN!!!!!!

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