Hot.Young.Designer FASHION FACE OFF 2011..look ma! I’m IN!!!!!

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I got the magical mail that i was chosen to be one of the 5 finalists…”CONGRATULATIONS!!!WE HAVE CHOSEN YOU!!!!”….PAK!!!!

Joining the competition was not really in my mind…I learned about it perhaps  a couple of months ago, but was not really decided to join…I actually missed the first screening, then after seeing on Facebook that they would have a second screening, I showed it to a close friend and he was the one to really push me to join…because yeah, thinking about it, this is not really a competitions someone wins, someone loses…but here its just win…winner…winnest!!!!!…BONGGA!!!!…so join lang…..

I prepared everything in super short time…until the day of the screening I was still cramming to finish a few things…et voila!!!…i found myself being interviewed by a group of lovely people; sitting in starbucks, showing images after images…mood boards…and before i knew it, it’s done… i went home feeling..hmm…okay….

Then the following day came the big surprise!!!!..I AM *@#ing IN THE TOP 5!!!! PAK!!!!…. im super excited for our activities..more than winning the competition, I would really enjoy the things I would learn from this, the activities we have to do…dizz izz it!!!!…PAK!!!!!

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One Response to Hot.Young.Designer FASHION FACE OFF 2011..look ma! I’m IN!!!!!

  1. Only once the parrson knlt r blog. I will return in the near future.I had bookmark it 🙂

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