My top 3 best-dressed:: SONA edition…

So many lovely ladies, so hard to choose just 3…It was tough, but here are my top 3::

Kaye Tinga in Pepito Albert:: the volume on her shoulders is majestic! Super COUTURE! And the proportion of the top and bottom is so chic! It is very modern; very couture; and if I may say (without sounding like a traitor to Filipiniana) very parissiene haute couture!!!

Marie Lozano in vintage:: Parts from her mother’s old terno were used in this dress; and might I say she looks flawless…very age-appropriate yet still distinctly classic Filipiniana…and her gold tambourine accessories just nailed the whole look! All the details in her whole look simply harmoniously complement each other….freeeesh!

Lucy Torres-Gomez in Randy Ortiz:: True that she could wear a garbage bag and she would still look gorgeous! But in this case her choice of that blush terno simply proves that her choices never falter. She is constantly looking gorgeous. Her terno is subtle yet detailed; it is pale yet popping…and she carries it with so much grace you cant help but adore her….

Who are your favorites?!?


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