Renan Pacson for Hot Young Designers:: Fashion Face-Off 2011

“I am Renan Jay Pacson, 25 years old. I am here as an independent designer. I took up Hotel and Restaurant Management. Then I took-up BS Clothing Technology in UP Diliman.

So how did I start designing? Well, I could remember spending afternoons designing clothes for paper dolls with my sisters, i have two sisters and I’m the youngest. It came back from my childhood days; it’s innate; I was meant to be in this field…

My design philosophy:: I am an organic designer, I tend to react to the fabric or to  the material that is presented to me. And inspiration could come from just about anything. I like fluidity, I like movement, I like draping; and I like it to be as soft and as light as possible, like a dress that could fit in the palm of your hand.

About my collection for this competition:: It will be all about luxury, embellishment, decadence and opulence. But not necessarily translating it into bead works, or heavy embroideries. Actually, that is just the mood, I want to create clothes that feel like just wearing your t-shirt, or just wearing your favorite good-old jeans but still getting the feeling of opulence and decadence and luxury. So actually, the whole feeling would be very casual. And I want the clothes to be as light as possible so it’s like bare-skin ; like you’re wearing nothing…but still having that aura and feeling of opulence and decadence….The challenge I’m imposing to myself is merging those moods and creating a ready-to-wear line out of those inspirations.”


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10 Responses to Renan Pacson for Hot Young Designers:: Fashion Face-Off 2011

  1. tetroberts says:

    Well done mister, the first step to victory!!!

  2. Virra Mae Herrera says:

    i want to wear your clothes… luxury, decadence and opulence! bet na bet! bonggels lang! kudos!

  3. gymger80 says:

    Good luck, Renan! 🙂 go go go!

  4. marj says:

    love it! go! go! go! jing!

    with lots of love and prayers for your success,
    mother, ate maj, ate meanne, kuya noel, anique, zach & basti, & benja 🙂

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