HYD:: Renan Pacson- im a slave of music


i’m a slave of music…

music dictates my emotion…and my emotion is dictated by music… either way, music moves me, inspires me, disturbs me…it controls me…

in my predilection for the obscure, as well in music, the best songs are found not in the mainstream but in the streets…

my indie pop piece has an element of its punk roots through the safety pins that also serves as the embellishment of the shirt…it is an ode to the 80’s trend of slogan t-shirts, expressionism, humorous and often ironic tirade to the government to the point of anarchism…my version is simply narcissistic….but perfectly depicts how music enslaves me…

…as my friend puts it “very kandidato lang sa eleksyon”…lol

i want the shirt to be as comfy as possible, hence i used 100% cotton material, perfect for those mosh pits and rock gigs : ) ….the shirt could be worn in many ways…tie it on the front; at the back; pin it on the sides; just play with it….

i’d pair it with disco-tastic gold shorts to still keep that element of luxe–main element of my collection…

Credit to my friend Tet Roberts for the photography…

So, please people…watch out until the online shop is open where you could purchase your own piece of me….lol…kisses…..

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