Marios Schwab S/S2012

….Fellinified ?!? If ever there is such a term…But truly, Marios Schwab S/S2012 collection exudes that sultry, sexy Fellini lady..this collection might even be more appropriate if shown in Milan catwalks…I’ve always loved Schwab with his quite complex construction; precise draping and fabric sculpting…this collection did not veer away from that; and he even added that element of sexiness which made his pieces so irresistible…

    …these pieces with sheer overlay exemplifies simplicity at its finest…the placing of the darts, yoke and seams are so precise that no other details are needed to make theses dresses beautiful….beautiful is an understatement, they are truly gorgeous!!!!! Very modern, without being over-the-top, devoid of any other details aside from the strategic lines and that magnificent effect that the two fabric creates….love

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