Luneta by night

…surprisingly, there is a FREE dancing fountain show in LUNETA/Rizal Park..i just don’t know if its every night or I was just lucky to be there when it happened…it’s just cool to see people especially kids jumping for joy and adults grooving along the music as the splashes of water and lights sway along the music…ganda, promise… I’ve seen the famous dancing fountain in Dubai mall, and although ours is not as humongous as theirs, the joy it brings to the people is just as much, perhaps even more…i recommend you guys to see seen with a loved one…CHOZ!!!!


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2 Responses to Luneta by night

  1. Jhong Medina says:

    Amazing… I’ve heard the gov’t are boosting tourism back to rizal park that’s why they’re continuously renovating. Great post.

    • Renan Jay says:

      its nice to know that the government offers free attraction/spectacle like brings joy to a lot of people…and really hoping that this would just be one of the many projects they have in mind to push tourism of our country….cheers!

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