DAMAYAN: Streaming University of the Philippines College of Home Economics Alumni

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of UP Diliman College of Economics, UP CHE Alumni association in cooperation with The Department of Trade and Industry staged a magnificent fashion spectacle in Philippine Trade and Training Center  presenting the works of the great designers:: Jojie Lloren, Jun Jun Ablaza, Eerie Angeles, Tracy Dizon, Jan Garcia, Lito Perez, Pidge Reyes and Michelle Sison.

The legendary Marina Benipayo opened the show clad in a tsunami-inspired Jojie Lloren creation. FABULOUZ!!!!!

Marina Beniayo opened the show with a BANG!

I got my backstage access through my friend Tracy Dizon, she showed two ensembles which were both entries to an international competition. Go Twaceepuff!!!!

Tracy Dizon's memento-inspired piece

Eerie Angeles showed his winning piece, it was Philippines’ official entry to the Paris competition ( Concours International des Jeunes Createurs de Mode in Paris, France,way back in 2005) modeled by Phoemela Barranda.

Eerie Angeles' winning piece

…it’s a jungle out there!!!! Hot men with feathers, exotic animal skins, and outré, over-the-top fabulous accessories by Jun Jun Ablaza…love….love..love… (it was definitely visually orgasmic,CHOZ!!!)

Impeccably well-tailored clothes by the great couturier Jojie LLoren…you must feel the clothes and see them closely to truly appreciate the workmanship..it’s insane!!!!

I also loved Lito Perez‘ very Filipino-inspired collection, and the HARANA music just made it more romantic….very modern yet patriotic! Michelle Sison‘s accessories are so quirky and lots of fun!!!! Who else would show a neck-piece made out of miniature chairs?!? Michelle did it!!!! Pidge Reyes exhausted a great technique in creating his own fabric, threads sewn together that created a marble-like effect, which were added as details to complement the stark, well-tailored pieces he showed. I got to see the seams of the dresses and i was floored…grabeh lang!!!!! One collection I didn’t see backstage was Jan Garcia’s…but from the stage it was one theatrical collection….


Of course, I couldn’t resist having a picture with the great designers Pidge Reyes, Jun Jun Ablaza and Sir Jojie Lloren….

It was one great evening celebrating  quality education that the UP College of Home Economics had produced over the years, people that made their mark in their chosen fields. I am so proud to have been part of this celebration, and definitely very proud to have been part of UP College of Home Economics. Cheers to 50 more years and beyond!!!!!

Pidge Reyes, Jun Jun Ablaza, me, and Jojie Lloren

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