the Biobliophile in me!!!!…POWERBOOKS ON SALE!!!!!!

Thank you Mr. Tweeteroo for these books, they were on my wishlist, and you bought them without it knowing…that’s really cool!!! FYI:: it’s my birthday month, so people with generous hearts, I am accepting donations/presents/gifts in any form….LOL

I had two hours to kill while waiting for someone in Robinson’s Place Ermita, so I decided to pass by POWERBOOKS. Lo-and-behold a huge SALE sign was to welcome me!!!! The bibliophile in me screamed…so many books to buy, so shallow pocket….

I may have to skip a few meals this week, but I’m a happy man with my purchases….


This was a tough decision, because a lot of TASCHEN artists series are all on sale, I want them all….I could only afford two… *boohoo : (… let me skip all my meals this week and if they are still on sale next week, i might buy some more…LOL


One of my favorite decades in fashion…i gotta have it, no thinking twice!!!!!

Art Deco fashion by Suzanne LUSSIER

I don’t know the artist but I was enchanted with his art, i just felt the urgency to have this book, perhaps it would somehow pop-out in one of my designs/pieces…One of the many things that set POWER BOOKS apart from, say, NATIONAL bookstore, is that they usually carry hard-to-find books, they have a very fine selection of books in their shelves which you would love to treasure.


I may starve a few days, but im a happy man

Believe me I could spend the whole day in this place, it’s just so depressing that I couldn’t take home all the books that I want : ( ….POWERBOOKS would you adopt me?!?

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