RADii shoes are haunting me….

So I was given a task to cover an event…and it was a bad idea….very bad…i felt like a rehabilitated alcoholic  inside a wine cellar…RADii shoes are just gorgeous… (*drools) and I’m trying to save some moolah for my upcoming SG trip….now get my dilemma?!?

…their shoes are not cheap but relatively a lot cheaper compared to those of LANVIN‘s and Givenchy‘s (which have been haunting me lately as well)….holding my top 3 pair from RADii footwear (*j’adore!!!)…pardon my ignorance, but i was really surprised to see how urban/street fashion has evolved…my memories of that are images of Andrew E. and Salbakuta (LOL)….now it’s chicer, more polished, very fazyown!!!!

…shoes…shoes…more shoes…wish this is my closet….

…im lost in the sea of cool people…ahaha…apologies for my not-so hip-hop get-up, i came straight from another event, besides, I’m just your white t-shirt kind of guy … (black cardi by Randy Ortiz; T-shirt from Zara; F&H black trousers and Marc Jacobs high-tops)

…now I’m collecting inspirations for my second collection for HYD, i might just go urban…and oh! did i mention the cuties and the hotties?!?…im in a hip-hop state of mind for now…(ABRA of LDP is such a cutie) *wink…..

**RADii footwear is available at URBAN ATHLETICS in Greenbelt 3, URBAN ATHLETICS is truly worth checking out as they got the best selections of urban street wear and accessories.

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2 Responses to RADii shoes are haunting me….

  1. Anyone know where I can buy radii straight jacket in toronto? And while I’m at it, do they come is size 6 for mens?

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