ABLAZABLAZE:: Welcome to the World of Jun Jun Ablaza

The moment I stepped into the entry hall of the National Museum of the Philippines, I was directly transported to a different world. Capiz chandelier welcomed guests, as the sound of kulintang filled the air; folk dancers garbed in royal clothes danced to the rhythm of the brass instrument.

The Shaman of design- Jun Jun Ablaza curated an exhibit at the Ablaza hall of the national museum of the Philippines- ABLAZABLAZE.

I’ve never seen so many chic people in one room (actually they looked beyond chic).

SPOTTED:: My beloved Dean Mayo of UP Diliman’s College of Home Economics, looking beautiful and fazyown as ever… (without realizing, the girl on far left is Cynthia Palanca, she may be über-rich but please lady go somewhere else, your claim to couture is so pathetic,classless and trash…I should have cropped her out of the pic…lol…)

…love the shoes of Jun Jun Ablaza’s sister- Czarina Ablaza-Syquia…and her romantic take on Harajuku style.

…the mother of sir Jun Jun- Mellie Ablaza was the best dressed for me…look at those gorgeous accessories!…(the rings…the rings…madam mellie, lend me those sometime)

…spotted a new style hero:: JP Singson (looking super-chica!)

JP Singson (photo by arlu gomes of helloballoon.com)


The moment I entered Ablaza hall, smell of exotic leather seduced me right away, and as I stared in awe at each display, I was being transported deeper and deeper into the fabulous mind of Jun Jun Ablaza. It was garishly beautiful, enchanting, disturbing… it was a complete sensory experience…the master-maximalist’s creativity has no limits…it was beyond amazing…it was an exhibit that could rival McQueen’s and Gaultier’s…

…the creative mind behind the over-the-top fabulous exhibition; the Shaman of design; master maximalist- Jun Jun Ablaza looking uber-fierce. Congratulations Sir Jun Jun for staging such a feat!

**it was also his birthday…so cheers sir Jun Jun! may you transport us to other fabulous worlds on your next exhibits…

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7 Responses to ABLAZABLAZE:: Welcome to the World of Jun Jun Ablaza

  1. Divine Merlot says:

    Poorly written of tabloid proportion. If you do not know who the person is why do you attack her? For those who knows Cynthia Palanca, she is a very nice person. Obviously you do not belong to her circle. Bitter? Jun Jun personally invited her 4 times to his parties but only now she was able to come because she is based in New York. Sad that you used this glorious occassion and people for your personally mudslinging. Who paid you to crash this party? And you have not asked the people’s permission to publish their photos. Bad taste indeed.

    • Renan Jay says:

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my tabloid material post. Indeed that I don’t know her personally, but she is infamous to fashion designer’s in the Philippines for openly bashing them especially Ezra Santos when she was not given an invite to his show in New York. I’m a social climbing bitch and have my ways in getting into parties. I’m not saying Ms. Cynthia is not a nice person, i just hate the fact she is putting Filipino fashion designers down instead of the other way around. Thank you.bow.

  2. Divine Merlot says:

    This article will be forwarded to the police in case you have any homicidal thoughts. If anything happens to Cynthia Palanca, prepare to be arrested.

  3. Kulintronica says:

    And there was kulintang music!

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