Tea Time!

Glistening from the outside, it was screaming to passers-by to enter , stop-by and have a sip and taste the goodness of life through their cups. Who am I to refuse the call of opulence?!?

TWG Tea at the Shoppes at Marina Bay in Singapore was irresistible. The moment I stepped into its gilded store, the spicy, aromatic smell filled the whole space and transported me to an exotic place. (for a moment I imagined myself in huge poufy taffeta skirt and bone-cracking corset, chin-up! im a member of an aristocratic family…LOL…)

…oh dear Lord! they have (i don’t know exactly how many, but in hundreds, 800 + or even more?) of  tea selections…but I must commend their staff for being well-versed with their products. I asked for a random tea in the menu and the guy explained to me the contents, infusions and the perfect temperature to best enjoy that particular tea. (they sure know their stuff!) You could even ask for a consultant to help you with your selection. I went for the 1837 Black Tea.

How lovely! My tea was served in a very luxe tea pot. The aroma emanating from my cup was just wonderful…fruity, exotic, spicy! First sip:: I was transported to a garden filled with fruit bearing trees, sweet fruits, I could feel my teeth sinking into the juicy, succulent wild berries and nectarines. Oh wait, yeah, I’m just sipping my perfectly warm black tea. (the temperature was just perfect, just the way I like it).

Of course tea time would not be complete without some sweet breads and pastries…I went for some macarons. It was also infused with tea elements. It tasted DIVINE….

ladies clad in bouffant dresses topped off with some fancy hats with ostrich feathers, chit-chatting while men in woolen suits with top hats smoking furiously…fancy servants busing in and out trays of sweet delights, and tea pots after tea pots of some exotic tea concoctionsin my head I was in a tea party…LOL…

For me they are the Hermes of teas. It was not an ordinary tea house but a complete experience. You don’t just drink and sip some exotic tea leaves but actually consume a part of history, of heritage. And it was a complete sensory experience, all my senses were at joy and utmost satisfaction. I have never been to a coffee or tea house that could even compete with the level of the whole experience.

Now if only I could hire my own butler to make me perfect black tea every afternoon…I need to be a bajillionaire!!! : )

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