Singapore Wine Fiesta 2011:: Attack of Edi and Patsy Stone

wine fiesta in singapore 4th edition

With more than 30 wine makers from all around the globe, taste the world one glass at a time. Strategically held along the river to fully enjoy your sips while marveling at the skyline of Singapore, the 4th year of Singapore Wine Fiesta was truly  an awesome event!

wine galore!

Held at the Customs House just in-front of Fullerton Bay Hotel , over-looking the river with the great view of Marina Bay Sands iconic structure… cute guys, delish tapas and great wines….if I hadn’t made a prior commitment, I would have stayed until the wee hours in this place.Piercing look!…Ready for some oenological battle…Wine glass ready! …gowwwww…..

These booth captains would give you a run-through about their wine variants; what bottle goes  best with could take from 3 minutes to 10 minutes depending if you ask questions… at first I was exchanging thoughts, but on the latter part, I just want my wine!

the captains producer of wine would have an average of 5 different bottles to offer; the lay-out of the whole place was categorized per country; wines from France, from Italy, Spain, New Zealand and so forth.This table is from a wine producer from Spain (I took home two bottles of red from them)

Towards the end, I didn’t care about the run-through anymore, I just want to drink!… I think I was possessed by Edi and Patsy…LOL (from my fave show Absolutely Fabulous) watch it, it’s fabulously hilarious!!!

I ordered some tapas to nibble with some red while taking a bit of rest, I don’t want to be tagged as the drunk person in the wine expo. I had to take a break before I totally get drunk… : )

prosciutto, iberica ham, gouda cheese, tuna tart, new zealand mussels...

…then on with my oenological journey. For the first round I only tried the whites; second the reds…now for my third and last round I went for the champagnes… : ) Honestly, I still prefer the sparkling bottle I buy in 7/11, the consummate wine drinker would not agree, oh well, I’m just an alcoholic person…with unsophisticated taste buds…lol..But the whites and reds are exceptional.

Wine Fiesta is organized by Straits Wine Company. The wine fiesta also went on tour to Kuala Lumpur and Manila. They also have vino-vacation offered where you could tour around some famous vineyards. For more infos, visit their website at:: or join their Facebook page at::

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One Response to Singapore Wine Fiesta 2011:: Attack of Edi and Patsy Stone

  1. Tet Roberts says:

    Cool, the Silas red vintage (Chile) was so good… We bought it as a present though finished it half and left it at for our generous landlord after flying out of Singapore, what a shame!

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