Indie-pop Tank:: From sketchpad to reality to magazine

rough sketch of Indie-pop tank

It started with a vision, that spark of idea in my head; before the memory fades, i had to sketch that idea on paper….from my sketchpad, I sourced appropriate material to suit my design.

We were given a task to include a piece of garment in our collection with the theme “INDIE-POP” in mind, and this is what I came up with (READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE)

The NARCISSISTIC in me said I had to have my face on the shirt, so I made a crazy photo of myself; few tweaks with iphoto et voila! the print that I used on the shirts…with my face shamelessly plastered on it…lol

the print of the shirt..that's me!!!! (narcissistic

…the Indie-pop tank could be worn in many ways…discover the possibilities…be your own stylist….

trying on the possibilities of wearing it on "YOLANDA"

…then we did a shoot for the online store….

… I think the first item I sold in my first HYD collection is this tank top…(must be my best-selling piece for this collection?!?)

Sari Sari Sounds had a double-page feature in GADGETS Magazine….and the djs were wearing selected pieces from Hot Young Designers collection.

cover of GADGETS Magazine

…Lookey-look! It’s the Indie-pop tank top on Dj Ria…

Sari Sari Sounds double-page feature in GADGETS Magazine wearing pieces from Hot Young Designers collection

AWESOME!!!! it’s just cool to trace back how this piece came out of my sketch pad, off to my workshop then finally being produced…shot for the catalogue and made its way in GADGETS Magazine….: )

lookey-look! it's my indie-pop tank on dj ria in Gadgets Magazine

To purchase this item, please visit Hot Young Designers online shop::

(Indie-pop Tank top)

(Tres Court)

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