How tall are you?!?

Would you break your neck for the sake of fashion and for the sake of adding some inches to your height?!?..ME?!?…Hell yeah!!! If you are like me then you should meet Ace de Guzman.

His shoes were recently showcased at the Philippine fashion week, completing the looks of John Guarnes s/s 2012 collection, and some looks from Gerry Katigbak.

Not for the faint of heart:: his shoes are highly-conceptual and sky-high (literally, as in 6-7 inches high).

Orientalia and Chinoiserie:: after watching immense amounts of Japanese and Chinese movies, he got inspired and came up with this collection that caught the eye of his professor-Gerry Katigbak, hence the collaboration.

Shoes are in his DNA:: coming from a family that owns a shoe manufacturing business, its natural that he focuses his creativity in pushing the designs in footwear. His current collection might be too out-there for some, but fret not, he could translate those pieces into more wearable style upon request, and in fairness, his shoes are reasonably priced.

I wanna be a supahmowdel, i wanna be 6’5″…if you wanna be the same, then you better place your orders now. And before you rush out of the door wearing your Ace de Guzman shoes, you might wanna do a test drive, if you don’t wanna fall flat on your face like these mowdels… walk, walk fashion baby…work it move that bitch crazy.


Insider’s Info:: His next collection will be inspired by “EGGS“….now that’s intriguing.

You may contact him through his FACEBOOK;

or reach him through:: +63 917 525 4399

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