Gen M Season 3:: Mega Young Designer’s Competition

Yezz! Im part of MEGA Young Designers Competition 2012….I have always been wanting to join this, azzz in! But I never had the courage to actually join, my college friend and I would always watch the finals ( *i remember squeezing ourselves to the venue just to see the finals night, it was the year where Gian Romano won, i told myself I’d have my turn on the runway,too, little did I know that this season it’s not just a runway but a reality tv show as When I heard about the audition, i thought very-hard and asked myself if I am ready? I rested the case and decided that I was not yet ready. But two days before the audition, I asked myself again, when would I be ready then?!?

It was my birthday the day before the audition, we had a party the night before the audition day, I was the epitome of “NGARAG” on the day of audition…thank God for my very supportive friends for being my mowdels…it was a tedious audition,,,,EEZCARY!!! EGZITING!!!  and every emotion in between!!!! KALOWKA lang…

I felt like crying when it was announced I was one of the 18 contenders to battle it out for the title. (*very beaucon lang). Reality tv, Mega YDC..this is just beyond me…but hey, to quote from the great Andy Warhol “ the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes“…fine..I want my fifteen minutes of fame, every fifteen minutes of my life…ahaha….: )

So, please watch Gen M: Season 3- Young Designers Competition 2012 every Saturday 7pm on ETC channel, with replays on Sunday 10 am as I battle it out to be Mega‘s Young Designer 2012.  Gowww!!!….

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