MEGA YDC 2012 3rd challenge:: Global Warming

The competition is getting crazier by the week…INTENSE!!!! For our third challenge, we had to create an outfit with Global Warming in mind, something that could be worn rain or shine…and the challenge didn’t stop there…we were paired, in our case grouped and brought to WILCON, yes, as in WILCON hardware store…WTF?!? We were challenged to pick a material from WILCON and incorporate it to our design, Mary,Corleen and I are on the same group, we had to pick three items and use all three in our ensemble...cray…cray…i know!!!! Mary picked shower curtain rings, I picked solar film and Corleen picked gold spray paint…then off we went to start working on our designs…And…to make things worse, we only had 10 freaking hours to finish our one was talking anymore in the work room, trabaho lang lahat,very factory ni Mrs. Chua ang peg!!!….

My design concept is Deforestation and Insanity:: i created a texture at the bottom of my skirt to kind of represent deforestation, mother nature has been deforested hence she has gone mad…the jacket is inspired by a straitjacket , with multi-buckles and all. Mother nature has gone mad, hence we are experiencing extreme weather conditions, it’s crazy hot now then it would suddenly rain very hard in a few minutes…

Historically, the judges don’t really like transforming pieces, but I took a risk with my hood, as it could transform into a bag, kind of a garbage bag, actually. My call to everyone that it is not yet too late, by doing a bit of something as little as keeping your own trash with you (hence you bring a garbage bag with you all the time,haha), if not totally stop it, at least lessen the insanity of mother nature…:)

My efforts paid-off, the judges liked what I did and I have finally landed into the top 3…woohoo!!!

It was a great feeling being on the top spot, but I can’t relax and rest on my laurel, there is always the next challenge which could be even crazier, tougher and more intense than this challenge. I just have to push myself harder and harder…go go gowwww.….

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