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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Joseph says:

    Hi there

    My Name is Joe and I’m calling from get In PR….please excuse the surprise email.
    I handle the global publicity for new pop icon Scarlett Etienne….we’r currently working on her new video – Sequin burn – and we would love to have it posted on the site!

    Please drop me a line at my email…..and i will drop you the embed code, pictures and a free track and remix to also give away to your readers

    Many thanks and look forward to hearing back,

    • Renan Jay says:

      oh my gosh!!!….i love her!!!…i was already about to post it days ago…i saw it on youtube and it blew me away…high-octane fashion and GORGEOUS GUYS…sure, wud post it with pleasure!!!!…cheers!!!

  2. Absolutely J’ADORE everything you post! So happy I found your blog darlin:) xoxo

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